Eventually, they do start dating and get together. However, the two work out their differences and Olivia gives her blessing to the relationship. Eventually, the Old Jane forgives Deb and leaves for Paris to start a new life, encouraged by Luke and her own strict guardian angel (whom Jane briefly sees with Brittney). As it turns out, Ethan and Jane only married so he could get insurance for his cancer treatments but Jane was truly in love with him and was hurt when Ethan left. Hurt, Jane storms out and when Grayson attempts to follow her, he gets hit by a car. Unfortunately for her, she did not return in her original body and struggled to adjust living in Jane s body. In season five, Elaine returns announce her terminal illness and reveals that she knows that Jane is truly not her daughter. She helps Grayson adjust to a new life but they face trouble as Owen and Kim are convinced Ian is using Jane for her money and Jane is simply rebounding badly. Young Deb (played in flashback by Maddie Ziegler; appeared in 1 episode). Up in Heaven, the real Jane uses the opportunity to press the return button to reclaim a body.

Jane also dates Tony, a fellow lawyer, who asks her to move to Washington D. In the second season finale, Grayson tells Jane that he is planning on proposing to Vanessa and wants Jane to be his best man. When they confront her on how it can hurt the firm, Jane quits and nick zano dating. Deb becomes surprised when she starts to channel the real Jane s emotions when Ethan returns. Jane, however, turns him down as her life is with the firm. In the fourth season, Jane is called back to Los Angeles to help Kim sort out the firm s financial problems and begins planning her wedding. In the pilot episode, Jane was shot by a disgruntled gunman who was angry at Parker for sleeping with his wife and nick zano dating. The Old Jane Bingham went to Heaven after the shooting and spent the last four years in Heaven unhappily watching the way Deb has used her body. She was a typical size two blonde with the intentions of being a model on The Price Is Right. She is pleased that as Jane she can make a difference in people s lives.

However, it is later discovered that Owen recovered from his attack and he and Jane break up. Initially, Deb struggled to adjust to Jane s size 16 body by refusing snacks and being horrified when she found out Jane is eight years older. Jane agrees to be his best man and gives up any hope of telling Grayson who she truly is..
. On the day of her wedding, Grayson declares her love for Jane and the two kiss and Owen sees them, which causes him to have another heart attack. Jane later learned that a photo of her former life was photoshopped as an internet hoax by a professor s assistant when Jane represented the professor in a trial. But after seeing the good Deb has accomplished in her body and after the two team up to solve a murder case, the Old Jane gives Deb her blessing. She was forbidden from telling him her true identity by Fred, who warns her that she is already in trouble for being back on Earth in the first place. As Brittany, she shows up on Jane s doorstep, intent on reclaiming her life. Determined to return to Earth, she pressed a button on Fred s computer. .


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